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Manicure Roulette: Let Fate Decide Your Nails

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Manicure Roulette: Let Fate Decide Your Nails

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Manicure Roulette®: The Game, a collection of cards to help you choose a set. Let fate decide your nails!

Choose your decks, I’ll shuffle the cards and draw. 

Art Levels: 

Level 2: Fully hand painted set

Level 1: 4-6 of the 10 nails will be hand painted

Stamped Set: the theme will be designed from my absolutely massive collection of stamping plates!

Decide which elements you want to leave to fate and which you’d like to choose yourself. I’ll shuffle each deck and draw one card. I’ll take a picture of the final spread and send it to the email address associated with your order. 

Decks to choose from:

Art themes (See photo’s for examples of the cards included in each deck)

- Base deck, the original art theme deck

- Victorian Gothic, inspired by Gothic style and architecture 

- Which Witch?, prompts for different types of Witches 

- Spellcast & Sorcery, designed to fill your set with Magic! 

- Trick or Treat, Halloween themed prompts 

Colour Pallet: let the cards decide your colour pallet. Choose from the original base deck or the trick or treat pallet deck. 

Art Digits: Chooses which nails the nail art will be on

Finishes: roll the dice on 6 finish options for your set

Note: These cards do include nail shape & length cards but I have decided to leave them out as this is a very personal preference for most people. If you would like these cards included in your drawing just shoot me an email!

Manicure Roulette is a salon card game designed and distributed by DR Prints & Co. 

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