Canadian Letter Mail - Please Read!

If you are in Canada and choose to have your order shipped through letter mail please understand the following:

1. By choosing the low cost letter mail option your are forfeiting the standard insurance that comes with tracked parcels from Canada Post. Should your order get lost or damaged there is nothing that I can do to help. If this is a concern for you, please choose tracked shipping.

2. Your order won't come with all the little extras that I include in every order. The package needs to fit through the "Slot of Doom" and therefore needs to be as thin as possible, Buffer blocks, candy and the little extra gifts I include cannot be sent this way.

What Countries do you ship to?

LD Nails is currently shipping to Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand

What Comes With My Nail Order?

Unless otherwise noted, Every nail purchase includes 10 nails in the size of your choice. Each set is packed carefully in a small package, secured with double sided tape.

An application kit is included and consists of detailed application instructions. a sealed and sanitary mani kit (100/180 file, buffer block & cuticle pusher), an alcohol pad and your choice of tabs or glue. Only one kit is sent per order. If you purchase 2+ sets, you will receive one application kit. Additional kits and add-ons are available under “Kits & Extras”

Thank You Gifts!

Every nail order includes a little thank you package! The contents are always changing but usually include stickers, candy and seasonal goodies. These are items that I purchase out of pocket and their cost is not passed on to you. They are a token of my gratitude for your support of my small business!

How do I measure my nails?

Always measure in mm to ensure a perfect fit. Be sure to measure each nail individually. Your ring finger, for example, may be a 6 on your left hand, but a 5 or 7 on your right.

Options to measure:

1. ORDER A SIZING KIT!!! Purchasing a sizing kit in all shapes and lengths you are interested in is highly recommended. Your sizing can vary between different shapes and even lengths due to variances in the c-curve of different shapes. It is also important to ensure that the curve of your natural nail is compatible with the curve of the shape you choose. My shape finder kits are a great way to test this out! Find them both in the "kits and upgrades section!

2. Use a soft measuring tape to measure each nail bed from sidewall to sidewall at the widest point. This is usually somewhere from the middle of the nail to the free edge. Write down your measurements in mm as you go.

3. Stick a piece of scotch tape to your nail beds, mark the side walls with a pen. Remove the tape and use a ruler to measure across the widest point. Write down your measurements in mm as you go.

How do I know what set size to order?

After you have either measured your nails, or purchased and used the sizing kit, use the numbers you have written down to compare to the standard pre-sized sets. If all measurements match up with any one of the pre-sized sets, that is the size you should order. If they do not match up with any, or if you have different sizes for each hand, simply select custom and type your measurements into the personalization field.

Please use millimetres and not tip sizes (measurements are not the same across all shapes) and also designate LEFT and RIGHT as this is important for some set designs.

What if my measurments fall between sizes?

It is best to always round UP not down. Press on nails that are too small will not only cause popping issues, but they also just look really bad. Sidewalls and free edge will be visible and that's just not a good look.

If your Thumb for example, measures at 15.5, go for a 16.

You can file the edges gently to take them down a bit, if necessary.

How long can I wear my nails?

Your press ons are created with salon quality gels and topcoats. They are strong and durable!

Following the recommended nail prep and application methods, and taking good care of your nails after application, will allow the following wear timeframes:

Tabs: 1-3 days

Glue: 7-21+ days

Please keep in mind that the lifespan of your set is going to depend on:

> how hard you are on them

> and on your regular daily activities. Ex: Having your hands in/out of water regularly, working with your hands (labor, typing etc.), regular/prolonged use of cleaning chemicals and oils, all may damage your nails and reduce the lifespan.

Nails applied with glue are going to be worn longer, and therefore will take on more damage. The lifespan of your nails when worn this way is entirely dependent on how careful you are with your nails. They are durable, not indestructible. Smashing/bashing, biting & chewing on them may cause gel to separate from the tip.

Your nails are not tools! Do not use them as if they are.

Long nails also tend to have a shorter lifespan than short nails due to more free edge exposure.

Will I be able to reuse my nails?

IF you take proper care of your custom set of nails, they are fully reusable!

The use of tabs will allow you to wear them countless times. Sets applied with glue can still be re-used, but you will need to remove the residual glue from them after removal.

If you regularly wear press ons, I recommend purchasing a small handheld e-file to do this. A piece of sandpaper wrapped around an orangewood stick will also do the job if you do not want to purchase an e-file.

How do I apply/remove my nails?

Click on over to the “Application” tab for a rundown on how to apply and remove your set!

How can I make them look as natural as possible?

Clean up and care for those cuticles! This will help in several ways! First - proper cuticle cleanup/prep will allow for a better seal, allowing longer wear time. Second - Clean well kept cuticles really helps make your press ons look like a perfect set of salon nails!

Shaping the cuticle area of your new nails to perfectly fit your unique shape is also highly recommended! FIRST make sure your cuticles are cleaned up and pushed back. Then hold the nails to your nail beds and look for overlap. Gently file the tops with the buffing block for a perfect fit!

Also take extra care to make sure you're laying them down straight while applying!

Re-applying popped nails

If one or more of your nails has popped off you'll need to do some cleanup before you re-apply it!

If applied with tabs give it a good wipe with an alcohol pad to sanitize. If applied with glue, buff out the old glue and sanitize it with an alcohol wipe before gluing it back on again.

If you were to just slap more glue on and re-apply it as is you risk trapping moisture and bacteria under that nail and giving yourself a greenie.

"Greenie" is the informal term used by many nail technicians to describe a nail that has become infected with pseudomonas, which looks green under a nail; usually occurs as a result of water or other moisture becoming trapped between an artificial nail and the natural nail.

Can I customize listed sets?

I do offer full customization for ALL designs. Every set is made to order, so just write your preferences in the order notes.

What you can do:

If you like a design but want it done in different colors, I can do that!

Accent and feature nails can be moved around per your preference.

What you can't do:

You cannot purchase a basic set and request additional hand painting, stamped art or gems and embellishments. If you would like something added to an existing design, please contact me first so we can discuss your ideas and set a price.

I can also accommodate requests for a custom set of nails if you’ve got an idea for that perfect set just for you. Inspo pics are always welcome! Please email me and we can chat about your ideas!

***Note: some listings specifically offer variations in the listing description. If there are no comments left in the order notes, then the order will be made to default and you will receive what is pictured in the listing.

What if the nails I ordered don’t fit?

It is your responsibility to provide me with accurate measurements. I offer sizing kits and shape finder kits and I highly recommend that you use them. There is also detailed information on how to correctly measure yourself available if this is the route you wish to go. I am readily available to help you if necessary!

LD Nails will not be held responsible for nails that do not fit. I make them to the measurements I am provided and will not process refunds, returns, or exchanges in this event.

I will however try to work something out with you, so please do contact me.

Can I order replacement nails?

Broke or lost a nail or two on an otherwise wearable set? Ordered a set and a nail or two is too big or too small?

Check out the replacement nail listing under the "kits and More" collection.

What does adding a layer of builder gel do?

Adding a layer of builder gel thickens the nails and enhances the strength, durability and lifespan of your set.

Builder gel is most beneficial for Long or X-Long sets. It is not necessary for X-Short - Medium sets. The nails are quite strong and durable to begin with!

Please be advised: you need to have your sizing BANG ON for a builder gel overly. It hardens the nails considerably, there is little flex to them and if your sizing is off they can be uncomfortable to wear.

How long is processing time?

Please check the announcement banners at the top of every page for the most up to date processing times!

I aim to start and finish each order as soon as reasonably possible. The time between when an order is placed and when it is sent on its merry way to you will depend on the size/complexity of the order and how many orders I have on the books. Processing time can range between 5 business days to 6 weeks, but the standard is about 5-15 business days. (That is Monday-Friday)

Orders are processed in the order they were received, but I do offer a rush option that can be added to your order if you need your nails quick! Find it under “kits & Extras.” Purchasing this listing will bump your order to the front of the queue and it will ship in 3-5 business days, guaranteed.

You may want to also upgrade your shipping level at checkout if you need them quick.

How long does shipping take?

Once your order is ready you will receive a shipping notification to the email address you registered at checkout. If you chose a shipping method with tracking, your tracking number will be included in this email.

Shipping timeframes will depend on where you are in the world, and the shipping level you choose at checkout. The following are general guidelines:

Regular Oversized Canadian Letter Mail - 2-14 Business Days, but could be up to 1 month
Expedited Parcel Canada – 2-10 Business days
Xpresspost Canada – 1-4 Business Days

Tracked Packet USA – 5-14 Business days
Expedited Parcel USA – 4-10 Business days
Xpresspost USA – 2-4 Business days

Australia & New Zealand:

Tracked Packet Int - 7-14 business days, but could be up to 1 month.

This is just a general timeframe. I cannot guarantee shipping delivery times as I have no control over postal services. Holidays, weather, customs and postal system conditions can all cause delays in delivery.


International customers are responsible for any duty and taxes from their country that may incur at the time of delivery. US Customers: not to worry, purchases under $800 are duty-free in your Country!

Buyers are responsible for providing the correct mailing address when they place their orders. In the event a package is returned to me, you are responsible for paying the re-shipping fee.

Can I cancel an order?

Cancellations are accepted within 24 hours and will be refunded, less a 10% administration fee. This fee covers the non-refundable cost of transaction and processing fees to LD Nails.

After 24 hours, the order will be processed and shipped.

Can I return or exchange my purchase?

Press on nails and beauty products are personal products and/or made to order, and are therefore final sale.

Nail decals (unused and still in the original packaging) may be returned for a refund, less the original shipping cost. Customers are responsible for shipping costs back to LD Nails.

What do I do if my order was damaged during shipping?

Should your items become damaged during shipping please immediately send clear pictures of the damage incurred and I will work something out to make it right.

What do I do if my order has been lost?

If the delivery standard for your order has passed and you still have not received it, please contact me and I will investigate it directly with the post office, and work something out with you.

Creative processes and variations:

All sets from LD Nails are produced exclusively with high quality full cover tips and salon quality gel products.

Designs of an abstract nature (gemstone, marble, smoke, encapsulated flowers, crack nails etc.) are created using special processes that produce beautiful and unique results! Please understand that while I work to stay true to the original concept, these designs will not look 100% identical to what is pictured. They will however be uniquely yours!

Hand painted designs will also vary slightly from set to set cause I am not a machine.

Nail shapes and lengths will also result in variations to the outcome of a set. If you are looking at an intricate design on long stiletto and choose to order a short square, there will have to be alterations to the design in order to fit it on the smaller nails. I will however always do my best to ensure they respect the spirit of the design! Some designs are offered exclusively in certain shapes/lengths if I know they will not translate to other shapes or lengths well.

Please also understand that due to availability of source materials (gel polishes, decals, gemstones etc.), there may be slight variations to the designs. Once I run out of something, If I am unable to source the exact products that went into the original design, I do my absolute best to obtain products as close as possible to the original. There may however be very slight differences. If I cannot source products close enough for my liking (I'm picky), I will pull the listing from the shop, and create a new design offering instead.

Color Disclaimer:

I do my absolute best to portray the true colours of all sets through photography. Most photos are taken in direct sunlight or under a professional photography lamp. Brightening is about the only photo editing I do, except in cases of very hard to photograph colours. In which case, all editing done is to present an image that matches what I am seeing in person as close as possible.

Despite these efforts, there may be minor variances in what you see on screen versus what you see in person due to differences in monitors/screens that you may be viewing from.

How do I use the Water Slide Nail Decals?


Cut out the images you want on your nails big enough to completely cover each nail.

Prep and shape your nails as usual, and apply a gel base coat . color coat optional.

Optional: apply a coat of transfer gel and cure. (helps the decal stick)

With tweezers, Soak the decals one at a time in ROOM TEMPERATURE or WARM water for 10-20seconds. You will see them start to separate from the backing. Dab the decal gently on paper towel to remove water., Carefully slide the decals off and place on the nail where you want it. gently rub it flat to all edges.

Tip: My decals are stretchy!! Gently pull the edges over and down around the edge of the nail. *Notes: 1. this can only be done if you did not use transfer gel 2. White base decals do not stretch like the full colored ones do, transfer gel highly recommended for white based decals.

Using a nail brush dipped in acetone, carefully remove the excess decal from the cuticle/sidewall areas. Using a 240 Grit nail file, carefully remove any excess decal from the free edges of the nail by filing downward. DO NOT use a course grit, the decals will rip.

Recommended: apply a coat of builder gel, ensure all edges are properly capped. Cure and buff out any lumps/bumps.

Apply 1-2 coats of gel top coat.


cut out the images you want as close to the graphics as possible.

Prep and shape your nails as usual, and apply a gel base coat .

Apply a light base color, transparent decals will not show up over a dark base color.

Soak the decals one at a time in ROOM TEMPERATURE or WARM water for 10-20 seconds. You will see them start to separate from the backing. dab the decal gently on paper towel to remove excess water. With tweezers, carefully slide the decals off and place on the nail where you want it. gently rub it flat to all edges, ensuring there is no air or water trapped underneath!

Recommended: apply a coat of builder gel, ensure all edges are properly capped. Cure and buff out any lumps/bumps.

Apply 1-2 coats of gel top coat.

*Transparent decals can be used with regular nail polish, but will not preform as well. Full cover decals are not recommended for application with regular nail polish.

Water Slide Decal Troubleshooting & Tips!

"I'm having trouble getting the decal to slide of the backing"

> Try using slightly warmer water, and/or soaking the decal for a bit longer.

"My decal is not sticking to the nail, and/or the edges are lifting"

> Make sure you are at the very least using a gel polish that has a good tacky layer. A high tack base coat, or a foil transfer gel are recommended.

"I've finished my application and sealed my nails but the colours on the decals have bled, or the edges are lifting"

> The decal has not been sealed properly. Make sure you are removing all overhang from your nails and try using a builder gel over the decal, before the topcoat. I personally seal with builder gel, apply one topcoat, buff everything out smooth, then apply a final topcoat.

"My nails are too wide for the decals"

> Try sizing up to the next available length to give you that extra room on the sides! Alternatively, you can also paint your nails a colour as close as you can to the base colour of the decals. This helps to hide any gaps on the edges!