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Claim A Concept!

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Choose one of the concept nails and we can either work together to make it into a full set, or you can let me take the reins and do it! 

Each of the nails pictured is a super quick trial for something I had in my head and didn’t want to lose, or something I saw that I wanted to try!

1. Black on Black 3D

2. White base with floral images over a builder gel layer to give it a shadow box effect

3. Bubble Tips

4. Ombré duo-chrome stripes

5. Cat Eye bloom

6. Jewel Flash Glitter with ombré border 

7. Chrome Croc

8. Purple Stars 

9. Blue and White abstract 

10. Water Drops

11. Treply Glow

12. Cat Eye Butterfly Tips

13. Swirly Set

14. Butterfly Wings

15. Opal matte base with clear 3D designs 

16. Glow Split French

17. Duality Glow

There will be more added regularly to this listing as I whip up concept nails. 

The finished sets that come out of this listing will be of the same quality of nail structure and design you see throughout the rest of my shop. 

Purchase is for a full set (10 nails) in your chosen size, and an application kit. 

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