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Sizing Kit Bundle

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Sizing Kit Bundle

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Size yourself for all the shapes & lengths you’re interested in! Buy 4+ kits and save 35% 🤑

**Must add kits from this listing to receive the discount!

‼️ Sizing kits are the ONLY guaranteed and highly recommended method of sizing yourself for press on nails. While you can manually measure yourself at home with a measuring tape, there is room for error.

👉Press on nails are non-returnable and non-refundable so accurate sizing is a must! Skip the disappointment and start with this essential step in the press on nail journey.

Choose a shape that fits the natural curve and length of your nail beds.
*Après blanks have a higher c-curve and fit best on natural curved nails.
*Kiara Sky Blanks have a lower c-curve and fit best on flatter nail beds.
*Anything labeled as X-SHORT are intended for SHORT nail beds. If your nail beds are not short enough the free edge of you natural nails will be visible and that's not a good look.

⁉️ Not sure if your nails are more curved or flat, or which length would work best for you?
Grab A Shape Finder Kit, find them here!

💅🏻Choose your desired nail length and shape and I'll ship you a sizing kit consisting of 10-14 (depending on the brand/shape) unfinished nails. Consider ordering in all shapes and lengths you’re interested in, different shapes & lengths fit differently.

Use the kit to determine your size for each finger on each hand. Hold each press on to each of your nail beds and choose which fits best. Press it down so it makes full contact. The size you choose should cover the entire nail bed from side wall to side wall, but not overlap onto your skin.

Be sure to measure each nail individually. Your ring finger, for example, could be a 6 on your left hand, but a 5 or 7 on your right.

‼️NEW ‼️Full Cover Toe Tips!
I HIGHLY recommend picking up a toe sizing kit before purchasing a set of toe press ons.

**CHILDRENS ROUND: these are kids press ons, but can also be used for those with very very small nail beds! Pick up this kit if you would like to either 1. get a matching set made for your mini! or 2. regular press ons are too big for you, these might work for you!

***Once a kit for children’s round has been purchased you can message me for a special order in this shape with your mini’s sizing. There are some designs that just cannot be done on nails this small so we can discuss you options when you have your sizing!

Consider ordering a shape finder kit ahead of or alongside a regular sizing kit:
Did you know your size can vary between shapes? The apex, or c-curve, varies between different shapes and even sometime lengths and this can effects how they fit on your unique nail beds. It is not uncommon to find that you need slight adjustments between different shapes. Some may even find that a particular shape just doesn't work for them at all (eg: very flat nail beds + high apex nails = Not happening)

Sizing kits ship same or next business day, depending on time of order :)

✨ Have any other questions? Craving some of that nail tech / client jibber jabber? Need to vent about your partner/friends?! 🤣
I got chu. My inbox is always open for anything! 🫶🫶

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