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3ml Apple Cider Cuticle Oil

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THIS LISTING IS FOR THE 3ML PEN! Skull bottles are a separate listing! :)

Apple Cider Cuticle Oil: Packed full of awesome stuff, this cuticle oil is the crisp, comforting aroma of spiced Apple Cider!

*The mica will settle as it sits. Give it a good shake to mix it back up before you use it!

Healthy cuticles are so important! Keep those cuticles healthy and your press on nails will stay on longer and look more natural. Daily use is recommended!

Keep the skull bottle at your beauty altar, vanity table or bedside table, and throw a pen in your purse for on the go!

Pen is 3ML and is brush application.

Cuticle Oils are final sale. No returns or refunds permitted.

*Contains fragrance oils, Do not ingest or use it on your face*


Luna Dark cuticle oils are a special hydrating blend of coconut oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin e. Read below about their individual properties!

-Fractionated Coconut Oil: known for being able to turn back time on your skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more! It also rejuvenates & softens skin.

-Sweet Almond Oil: With vitamins A, E , B and D, and also Zinc, Calcium, this oil gets absorbed without blocking pores. It is lightweight and odorless, and calms skin inflammation, leaving your skin touchably soft and smooth.

-100% Pure Vitamin E oil: topical skin oil that helps to repair and renew your skin. Clinically proven to smooth wrinkles and firm skin. It also helps to prevent and reduce chapping and roughness caused by dry skin.

-Skin Safe Fragrance Oils: cosmetic grade fragrance oils from P&J Trading Co.

-Cosmetic Grade Mica Powders

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